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13 October, 2015
by Valya

Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler

Together, Kyle and Trillian make magic. If you’re in Philadelphia, you can see the play performed in the parlor of Philadelphia’s historic Physick House, a mansion built in 1785 and decorated in the tastes of the late Victorian era If you’re elsewhere in the world, they will have dvd and digital downloads available. Continue reading

25 June, 2014
by Valya

The Importance of Librarians: The Alexandria Still Burns Project

When I was growing up, the Chicago Public Library on Narragansett, the West Belmont Branch, was my library. It wasn’t a large branch; I quickly graduated to adult books in my early teens, and then devoured the reference section for anything … Continue reading

10 June, 2014
by Valya

Someone Who Works Out

Those of you who read Kyle Cassidy’s blog or twitter feed have followed his gym adventures and running milestones over the last few years. He has inspired many, myself included. Part of Kyle’s motivation came from watching as Neil Gaiman started running and eating healthily … Continue reading