When I was your age, television was called books.

I am determined to get this blog entry written before the end of 2010, and so here goes.

Philadelphia was a wonderful whirlwind. The reading at Moonstone Arts Center (aka Robin’s Books) was a small but enthusiastic audience. It was also broadcast live, so my kids got a chance to see their mama on the computer, which was a thrill for them back at home in Chicago.

I am grateful to Kyle Cassidy and Trillian Stars for their support, hospitality, and efforts to spread the word about the reading.

Reading at Robin's. Photo by Kyle Cassidy.

A big thank you to the folks who came. I’m so happy to have met you, and I hope to see you again in Philly. My only regret is that I didn’t get a chance to have my cards read by the lovely Amy. Next time for sure!

I nearly didn’t make it home due to blustery weather in Chicago that caused my flight to be canceled. As luck (or quite possibly by invoking the magical flight mojo of the infamous Lorraine) would have it, I was the last stand by called to board the final flight to Chicago. Came home to sick kids and snowy weather.  Ah the glamorous life. 😉

Then school parties, holiday parties, family gatherings. All lovely and filled with people I love. We decorated Casa del Lobos, baked cookies, wrapped presents, unwrapped presents, sang, danced, watched holiday specials and read holiday books.

Now a week of winter break remains. We’re planning a movie marathon with the kids for New Year’s Eve that includes some of our favorite 1980s fantasy films: Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, NeverEnding Story, Princess Bride, Ladyhawke, Muppet Movie. We’ll see what else is added to the list.