Still Catching Up…

I know that I promised a long post, and it’s still coming.

Kids return to school tomorrow, details about the Conclave Journal Release Party (April 30 at Book Cellar) are on the way, reminder about the benefit at Sanfilipo for the Literary Hall of Fame also coming, as is an update about Casa del Lobos, and more.

It’s been a busy week of cleaning, sorting, killing ants, proofing, rediscovering treasures, and playing in the yard.

I had a nice breakfast at Svea’s this morning with a friend I haven’t seen in far too long, and before that I had some interesting story ideas occur to me in the shower (which of course I couldn’t develop because I was on my way to breakfast and already running late…but I did jot them down).

I am looking forward to this week to work on promotional materials for the Conclave Release Party (Sweetheart Molly Robison will be performing! And several writers will be reading!) I also cannot wait to get back into the S.C. (next book, nearly finished).

OK. More soon, hopefully tonight.

Today is made of yesterday

I heard back today from the hardware store, and my missing notebook has been found!

*Does happy dance*

I am SO grateful. Upon first glance it seems like just a spiral bound notebook full of kid scribbles (because Lana got into one day), but it contained all my notes for Conclave and some house measurements as well.

Last night I was feeling tired and a tad grumpy, so I went to bed early. Tonight I shall brew coffee and strive to be uber-productive.

Catch up

I’m so behind with posts.
I keep waiting for the ever elusive "more time" to appear.

It hasn’t. It’s been a good month, however. Full of transitions and reflection and inspiration.

A few months ago, Mark and I made plans to go to Philadelphia for the wedding party of Kyle Cassidy and

. It was going to be our first weekend away from the kids since our oldest was born, six years now. We didn’t realize then that it would fall on the weekend before our move into Casa del Lobos, or that the weekend would be surrounded by job/family/house chaos..

Mark had to cancel his ticket due to a work conference and house-related responsibilities, but we decided that I would go on alone. Trillian kindly found me lodging with a friend in the neighborhood and off I went to Philadelphia. The happy couple was so generous and gracious, and I felt completely at home surrounded by their friends and cats and art and photography and creative talk and and and…It was wonderful.

I was reminded how much I missed that kind of interaction while in Germany. Outside of the Frankfurt writers group, I had little contact with folks making art or discussing things creative.

Unfortunately I forgot my camera at home, and so I came armed only with a disposable camera. My camera cowered in the presence of all those powerful professional cameras (Kyle is an amazing photographer who has photographed the Dalai Lama, famous science fiction writers, flying girls, and early black and white film starlets reincarnated as cats.)

I was able to attend a special dress rehearsal of Trillian’s show The Weir, and it (and she) blew me away. It’s the kind of play that I couldn’t shake for days after. The characters and their stories lingered in my imagination; I wanted to join them in the pub for a pint to hear more of their stories and share some of my own. Trillian’s performance was tender and subtle, and when it came to her dramatic monologue toward the end, I completely choked up. I miss theater.

The wedding party was wonderful, a patchwork of friends and family there to celebrate the union of these two passionate, imaginative, thoughtful people. Kyle and Trillian have one of those partnerships that reminds you how much fun love can be. I was so happy to have met them, and I hope that even with the miles between our homes, we continue to find time and space to share food, laughter, and conversation. I met a few ladies on the trip, Trillian included, whom I connected with immediately, and I can foresee future breakfasts and adventures.

I returned home to finish packing up the apartment and then moved into Casa del Lobos (where we still do not have a kitchen or full baths). I’m working on creative crockpot cookery with the kids. So far, so good. Our friend Vince, a talented fine artist and painter, is in the process of painting and faux painting our downstairs. I LOVE it and will try to post pictures soon. He’s fabulous and brings such a good energy to the house.

The renovation is coming along, and I have hope that we’ll be finished with this phase by the winter holidays. In the meantime I am horribly behind with Conclave Journal, as well as my own writing. Hoping to catch up this week while Mark is away at a supercomputing conference and other geeky work shenanigans.

With that, I bid you good night. More to come…