Father’s Day

Just got home from a lovely BBQ at my parents’ house, with a nice long chat over coffee. I love these chats. As a young person, we had many meaningful chats over coffee, usually on the heels of a heated disagreement or debate. As I got older, the debates became fewer in number, but fortunately we maintained the coffee conversations. I’m so grateful.

It’s Father’s Day, and I am blessed to have many father-figures and mentors in my life starting with my father, who continues to teach by example: to live a life of integrity, to stand up for what I believe in, to value the importance of family and friends, to be true to myself no matter what others may say, to honor the elders and take joy in the children, to stay connected to roots even as we reach for the stars.

Coffee with my father, Walter W. Dudycz (Photo by 8 Eyes Photography)

Thank you to the men in my life who have taught me invaluable lessons, inspired me to be more than I am, believed in me and encouraged me.

Some are still a part of my circle, others have passed on. I am better for having known you, and I am grateful.

Happy Father’s Day.