I first heard about the Interstitial Arts Foundation a few years ago, and I was immediately interested. From their description:

The Interstitial Arts Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the celebration, study, and promotion of Interstitial Art — and to the support of artists who work between or across genres and traditions.

Since my graduate days at the School of the Art Institute, I’ve believed in creative collaboration and experimentation across genres. Some of the most interesting work and art come from the intersection of what seem to be divergent ideas or media. The Interstitial Arts Foundation works to foster those connections, and they recently launched their online journal, INTERFICTIONS ONLINE: A Journal of Interstitial Arts, intended to extend the Interstitial Arts Foundation’s anthology series, Interfictions.

The bi-annual  journal is available in its entirety at, and it’s a weird and wonderful collection of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction shaken up and reinvented to stretch the limits of text, image, genre, and form.

Start with Paul Jessup’s poem “all the houses on sesame street are haunted houses” and go on from there.

You can read Interfictions and then submit your own work to be considered for Issue #2. Their editors are reading for submissions in interstitial Fiction, Poetry & Non-Fiction  through July 31st: