Quick note on LJ Elections

As many of you already know, I spent the better part of my childhood and young adulthood involved in politics because my father was an Illinois State Senator for nearly two decades before his retirement (yes, he knew President Obama back in his days as a young Senator).

I learned from my father that people can and do make a difference in government, but they have to take action; they have to get interested and involved.

So when Kyle Cassidy ( ) announced his intention to run for LJ Advisory Board, it hit home, and I was excited for him. I admire Kyle for his work, his innovation, and his enthusiasm. An LJ user for a long time, Kyle has a good grasp of the needs of users and I think he’d be excellent in this role.

I encourage you to go to Kyle Cassidy’s journal and read what he has to say about his involvement.

He has my vote. I encourage you to seriously consider his nomination and vote.

(The polls will close at 4:30 p.m. PDT on Friday June 26, 2009)