The Mail Goblins in Winter

I’ve written before about how much I love getting mail and adore hand-written letters. Because of this, I’ve always paid particular attention to mail that arrives damaged, and when I was a girl I concocted an elaborate story in my head about the goblinny creatures who live in the post office and delight in damaging packages and letters. (Come to think about it, THAT’S what the Box Trolls reminded me off).

My most recent crop of mail seems to have been handled by a particularly exuberant gaggle of mail goblins–even taking what look like bites out of my New Yorker​ cover. Why today? Why this crop of cards and letters?

Problem with being a writer is that now my imagination is concocting the story, even though I’m just trying to drink my coffee and pay bills. 🙂

May the mail goblins skip your house this holiday season.

Photo on 12-23-15 at 10.21 AM #2