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Snafoo Songs & Echoes

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You may recall that I’ve been working with a bunch of talented writers/artists on our Cassidy collaboration project that has evolved into the Snafoo Collective over at

More content has been added, and more is to come.

Songwriter and composer DeLonde J. Bell has written the Snafoo Theme song, we’ve added  ‘s sketches:

We also unveil the protective garland designed and knitted by :

Sporting this garland, the Snafoo *may* decide to leave you alone.

Sometimes you can hear them…at night, when you’re all alone on the computer.

It’s almost like a hum, a whir, a delicate sound offset by something slightly awry. Those with a musician’s ear (and oddly often mathematicians, who are related creatures after all), can sometimes make out a melody.

TheSnafoo Theme song is their signature, an echo of their energy; and hidden inside the notes is their history, their passion, their pain, their plans.

Listen. What can you hear?

Author: Valya

Valya Dudycz Lupescu is the author of THE SILENCE OF TREES and STICKS & BONES, as well as the founding editor of CONCLAVE: A Journal of Character. Born and raised in Chicago, Valya received her degree in English at DePaul University and her MFA in Writing as part of the inaugural class at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Since receiving her MFA, Valya has worked as a college professor, obituary writer, content manager, internal communications specialist, co-producer of an independent feature film, and Goth cocktail waitress.

One Comment

  1. I checked it out. Veeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrry interesting. My poor engineer’s brain has a little problem grasping the concept (don’t worry, it will click) but I enjoyed greatly the fun creativity. The song is really, really fun too. I like the instrumentation.

    I also got a chance to read more about you (the bio) Goth waitress? Who would’ve thunk it. 🙂 And you were a professor. Wow. ***doffs hat***

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