A Wave

We decided to take a little holiday in Minneapolis during the kids’ Spring Break. We’re staying through May 1, to see the May Day Parade, joined by friends from Chicago also up for the weekend.

We drove up all day yesterday, first listening to an audiobook of Dr Seuss stories, then to the beginning of Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book. The kids loved it each time he read “Miss Lupescu,” except for Liam who insisted that I am a much prettier Miss Lupescu than the one described by Neil. 😉

Today we explored the Mall of America (MOA). Truth be told, I don’t like shopping malls (especially indoor malls), but it was a rainy, cold day in Minneapolis, and the MOA has an aquarium. So I was convinced (or outvoted?)

After a little shopping, some cool marine life, giant Lego creations, tasty gelato, chopstick adventures, and more rides than we’ve ridden in the last year, we took the tuckered out kids back to the hotel and tucked them in.

I’m trying to catch up with email and a bit of writing, and tomorrow we hope for a sunny day to explore more of this lovely city.