Summer rain and cartoonification

I’ve have been turned into a cartoon, and I like it.

My profile picture was done by cartoonist Eric Orchard (@inkybat). You can read his blog and see examples of his art on Eric’s website.

I woke before the kids this morning. That seldom happens in the summer, unless we have someplace to be. Usually I write until 3 or 4am, and then I wait until the kids wake up (usually around 8am) before finally getting out of bed.

I think it was the rain, the gentle summer rain, that did it.

It was in stark contrast to the fierce late-night thunder storms and lightning shows that have sent the kids scurrying to our bed in the middle of the night.

I awoke to a sleeping house, crept downstairs, and made myself a coconut milk late. I had the time and the quiet to begin this entry.

I finally finished Book #2 (S.C.) and received my first round of edits. I’ve also begun the first of two projects with Madeline Carol Matz (@mcmatz). I’ve oscillated between those two projects most nights. The mcmatz project has more urgency, since we have a sort of deadline for the first bit.

In the meantime, we’ve been dealing with flooding in the basement from recent storms. Sorting, purging, and organizing are on the agenda for most days, interspersed with general kid summer frivolity.

But the kids return to school in two weeks, and in a flutter of pre-school doctor appointments, last-minute excursions, and a final round of summer birthday parties and playdates, I find myself getting excited about Fall–my favorite and most productive season.

Glorious October is just around the corner.