Goodreads and Longshots

Busy with the Chicago Literary Hall of Fame, I had not heard that Goodreads has a 2010 Goodreads Choice Award in several genres and categories until someone let me know they had written in a vote for The Silence of Trees (and so voted for me) as Favorite Debut Author for 2010.

There are 15 preselected titles on the board, but anyone can vote/write-in a vote after registering.

I know it’s incredibly unlikely for a small-press published magical realism novel like The Silence of Trees to win, but let’s give it a try! I’ve seen many examples in my life of the unlikely becoming reality, of people succeeding against the odds. It’s part of my personal mythology, part of the reason I’m an optimist, and part of the reason I juggle the many things I do in life. I dream dangerously and work hard to make those dreams a reality.

If you have a moment, please go to the 2010 Goodreads Peoples Choice Awards and write in The Silence of Trees for Favorite Debut Author AND Favorite Cover Art (Didn’t Madeline Carol Matz do a fantastic job?!)

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful story to see this little novel make it to the top, despite the odds?

And a gentle reminder that if you are on Amazon and have read The Silence of Trees, please take a moment to review the novel, Those reviews really do help new books to get attention. Thank you!!!