Leaps & unfolding: a writing update

Over a year ago, I wrote the first draft of my next book ( S.C.). I loved writing it. It’s different from The Silence of Trees, a whole new world and new characters who came rushing into life onto the page. What a joy it is to learn about them, to write about them.

But then…

We moved back to the US from Germany soon after I wrote it, and I had to put S.C. aside to take care of life. After moving, remodeling, putting out the 2010 issue of Conclave, publishing The Silence of Trees, and organizing the induction ceremony for the Chicago Literary Hall of Fame, it was time to get back to it.

I knew that when I eventually delved back into the story, I would have to do some heavy editing, and in the beginning, that’s all it was: nits and edits. Then I came to an important scene that needed to be rewritten. It could have gone a few different ways, and I mulled over my options, listened to my characters, and jumped.

I rewrote the scene and another whole section of the world opened up, more of the backstory unfolded, and there were ripples out into the rest of the book! The ripples changed so much more than I had intended. For the better (I hope), but resulting in more work to be done.

During our holiday in Minneapolis, I had some chunks of time to work on the book, and I finally admitted to myself that most of the end needed to be written. I couldn’t use bandaids. It’s more work, but it’s better. I think the story is stronger and more interesting. The characters continue to evolve and become more real. Although it’s taking longer to revise, I hope the book will hopefully be better for the revisions.

So I’m hoping to finish up soon and send it off to my readers (whom I thank for their patience).  There are so many exciting projects on the horizon, and I need to finish S.C. first!

I’ll keep you posted.