Two more…

Bright sunny Frankfurt morning, rare and lovely. Even though Liam slept for only 4 hours last night (after waking up every 10-15 minutes for 6 hours), it’s still a better day. His fever seems to have broken, and the appearance of the sun fighting through the clouds is a welcome sight.

Last night, I forgot two of our favorite German baked treats:


They may look like ordinary donut holes, but they are most certainly NOT!
Quarkini are melt-in-your mouth “donuts” made with quark, a sort of cottage cheese/yogurt amalgam.

Quark is an all-round favorite ingredient in German cuisine. Similar to cream cheese, it has a mild yogurt flavor and is softer and creamier. Quark accounts for half of the total cheese consumption in Germany.

Apparently there is a distributor out of Virginia (The Vermont Butter and Cheese Company) that actually makes quark. I had never been able to find it in the States. I hope to someday find a good recipe so that I can share these treats with you in Chicago. They really are something to be tasted.

Bretzels (or as they are know in the States, Pretzels)

These are NOT the same pretzels you usually get in the States. That said, there is a place in Chicago that makes a good bretzel, the closest to the German variety. It’s called Hannah’s Bretzels, located on Washington at Wells.

Fun fact: The Bretzel is a traditional Alsatian biscuit whose origin seems to come from an ancient cult of the sun. Then, they were shaped like a cross surrounded by a circle. The shape of the bretzel gradually changed to its actual shape: a wide knot. Wouldn’t this be a fun thing to make for the Winter solstice, to have bretzels in the shape of the sun?