My relationship with technology has always been precarious (all the more interesting that I married a computer programmer). Things technological break down or function oddly around me. I’ve often speculated that nefarious powers were behind it.

When my Kyle Cassidy Collaboration partner Ember and I put our heads together, we created the Snafoo mythos to reveal the technomagical gremlins behind most of the world’s technological woes.

However, ever since we started this collaboration project and website, the tech-pranks have been increasing in frequency around me.

Last week my computer began playing a song I had never heard before. I shut all my browsers and programs, and the song kept playing. Just as I was going to shut down my Mac, the song stopped and vanished without a trace.

This past weekend, every atm machine that I visited was broken and gave me odd messages like: check health, notify attendant. This week my batteries are dying, even the new ones I just installed.

I think that the Snafoo are a wee bit upset that we’re calling them out! I’m a bit nervous of what they may have in store (so I’m backing up my files and printing out manuscripts, just in case).