Embroidered Worlds Release Day!!!

Today is the official release day for Embroidered Worlds: Fantastic Fiction from Ukraine and the Diaspora!!!

A desperate trek through the icy canyons of Mars, a doll-sized family with giant-sized opinions, a defiant princess whose fate must remain a secret… Welcome to the wild, colorful, and ever-blossoming landscapes of the Ukrainian imagination. Embroidered Worlds presents a bold glimpse into fantastic storytelling throughout Ukrainian culture, from science fiction, fantasy, and horror to slipstream, fairy tales, and more.

This collection gathers 30 short stories from writers living in wartime Ukraine, their work translated into English for the very first time, as well as from international authors of Ukrainian heritage. Come, now, and experience the magic, the terror, and the wonder-filled surprises of the worlds they’ve brought to life.

It’s a beautiful book, put together by a team of talented and dedicated people. I’m so excited that it’s out in the world, and soon physical copies will be in the hands of readers. Thank you to our publisher, Atthis Arts, for making this all possible.

As soon as the Kickstarter campaign successfully funded, the translators, publishers, and editorial team hit the ground running to get Embroidered Worlds ready for print to meet our deadlinelong days and nights spent communicating over time zones, hundreds of emails, dozens of messages, so many drafts, each one improving upon the previous version. We did it! This creative community came together to verify words, edit content, fine-tune intention, and review all the many details.

AND as we were doing that, Ukrainian pysanka artist Anna Chychula was at work crafting this beautiful, one-of-a-kind fantastic Embroidered Worlds pysanka!

I love seeing the energy of this project manifest in this beautiful pysanka. You can read more in Anna’s Embroidered Worlds Kickstarter guest post here.

AND here’s a peek at our limited edition Embroidered Worlds bookplates being printed at Bookplate Ink, in Yellow Springs Ohio!

I have more to share about the process of editing this anthology and the stories and writers and translators, and I’m hoping that things can slow down a little during the end of this year so that I have time to catch up with writing and posts and upcoming projects! This is Mother Christmas season after all….

Blessings of peace and love during this season.


In Gratitude: A List of Charities

(A version of this post also appears as a Kickstarter update.)

On Saturday, September 30, 2023, 1,072 backers pledged $23,567 to help bring Embroidered Worlds: Fantastic Fiction from Ukraine and the Diaspora to life. Our Kickstarter backers included people from all over the world!

We are so grateful for all the ways that people showed their support over the past month: becoming backers, sharing posts, telling friends, engaging with our updates. Together we created a global community of readers for these thirty fantastic stories, and we are so excited for people to read them.

Many people asked us about other ways to help the people in Ukraine. Kickstarter requires all funds raised to facilitate the project, and with the funds raised here we’ll be producing a beautiful book and sharing stories of Ukrainian culture, art, and resilience around the world. Again, thank you.

Our team understands the broad range of ways the Ukrainian people still need help, and we are committed to do what we can.

So we asked our authors and translators about the charities they work with and trust, and I want to share that list with you now:


Dobrobat is a volunteer construction battalion that assists the survivors in the de-occupied territories in the urgent restoration of housing and social infrastructure.


Come Back Alive:

Protect the Sky is a joint charitable project organized by the charity foundation Come Back Alive and the Ukrainian postal company Nova Post. The project is designed to help Air Defense reduce their reaction time from minutes to seconds.


Unite with Ukraine:

Funds raised are being used to supply an evolving range of needs to the brave men and women on the front line, including: individual first aid kits; bullet-proof vests and helmets; night-vision goggles; and communication equipment and fuel, among other things.


Chytomo magazine:

CHYTOMO is the largest independent media covering publishing and contemporary literary and cultural processes in Ukraine.


UA Animals:

Since the beginning of the full scale war, UA Animals has actively been helping animals within war zones: evacuate, provide feed and medicines for shelters.



In a very short time, Razom has built an inspiring network of partners, volunteers, and donors that fuel the community, and consistently activate people in the United States and Ukraine to help Ukraine unlock its potential. Their projects are designed to have tangible, immediate manifestations of impact and provide opportunities for scalable growth ensuring that impact lasts.

Razom – Together we are Ukraine (razomforukraine.org)


UNITED24 is designed for collaboration with charities, partners, donors, and public figures worldwide. Their goal is to establish an efficient work process that brings Ukraine’s victory closer.


If you are looking for places to lend support, these are just a few of the many organizations that exist to help

Thank you to all the people working tirelessly in Ukraine and in other parts of the world: healing the wounded, tending to the dying, comforting the grieving, providing shelter, food, education, and resources, caring for the land, working to bring an end to violence and injustice. There is so much work to be done all around this beautiful planet we call home.

I believe that together we can make a positive difference, and I hope that the ripples of support and love and community continue to expand outward.

I thank you wholeheartedly. Щиро вам дякую.

A Few More Days

There’s a new post up on Kickstarter announcing the full list of authors and featuring the book cover!!!

Taras Kopansky is the Ukrainian artist who created the art, “Metahutsulka” for the cover. His piece is inspired by Mykola Senkovsky’s famous 1926 photograph “Old Hutsulka” that won the Grand Prix at the European International Exhibition in Paris.

The translated stories have working titles, since our translators are working on them at the moment, but they will give you an idea of what you have to look forward to. You can see what a range of voices we have assembled. Each one adds something special to this collection.
Thank you for being a part of this process with us. These stories are fantastic in all senses of the word! As we approach these final days of the campaign, we hope that you’ll spread the word and help us to share these imaginative stories with an even wider audience.
Дуже дякую! Слава Україні!