The Muses and their Houses

The ancient myths tell of Muses who inspire the creative impulses we all feel. In Mother Christmas, we discover there is an entire otherworldly society of Muses who each belong to one of the houses of the original nine.

House of Melpomene,
the Muse of Memorials & Tragedy

Her house’s motto: “Every light casts a shadow.”

If Melpomene is your Muse, your inspiration is directed toward bittersweet facets of life and death, like memorials and monuments, tragedies and elegies. Melpomene understands that grief is an expression of love, that loss is rooted in memory. Melpomene is depicted as a woman in laced leather boots, sometimes holding or wearing the mask of tragedy. 

House of Polyhymnia,
the Muse of Spirituality

Her house’s motto: “Stories open us up to possibilities.”

If Polyhymnia is your Muse, your inspiration is directed toward spiritual pursuits, including poems and stories, metaphysical arts and meditation, rituals and sacred spaces. Polyhymnia delights in explorations of the great mysteries in all aspects of life. She is often depicted with a flower wreath, thoughtfully leaning on a column. 

House of Euterpe,
the Muse of Music & Mathematics

Her house’s motto: “In music there is freedom.”

If Euterpe is your Muse, your inspiration is directed toward expression of patterns and balance, including music and mathematics. Euterpe delights in the beauty of composition, the joy of repetition and rhythm. She is usually portrayed as wearing a wreath of flowers and playing the flute. 

House of Thaleia,
the Muse of Comedy & Theater

Her house’s motto: “Laughter blooms best in the unexpected cracks.”

If Thaleia is your Muse, your inspiration is directed toward performances of comedy and drama, including theater, film, television, puppetry, games, and animation. Thaleia delights in the experience of laughter and play. She is often portrayed wearing ankle boots and holding the mask of comedy, 

House of Erato,
the Muse of Passion & Compassion

Her house’s motto: “Love is an action verb.”

If Erato is your Muse, your inspiration is directed toward pursuits passionate and compassionate, including poetry and cooking, and acts of charity and desire. Erato delights in expressions and celebrations of love. She is usually depicted with a coy smile, crowned with myrtle or roses, and holding a lyre. 

House of Terpsikhore,
the Muse of the Body Arts

Her house’s motto: “Dance the untamed truth.”

If Terpsikhore is your Muse, your inspiration is directed toward creative physical expression including dance and martial arts, meditative movement and exercise. Terpsikhore delights in the joy and discipline of movement. She is depicted as a dancing woman, sometimes holding a harp.

House of Kleio,
the Muse of Leadership & Honor

Her house’s motto: “Serve always with integrity.”

If Kleio is your Muse, your inspiration is directed toward leadership and honorable pursuits, including business, history, government, and military. Kleio bestows fame on those who pursue ethical lives of public service with integrity. She is often depicted with a laurel wreath and a book or scroll in hand. 

House of Kalliope,
the Muse of the Arts

Her house’s motto: “Beauty inspires hope.”

If Kalliope is your Muse, your inspiration is directed toward artistic pursuits like painting, sculpture, architecture, fashion, and writing. Kalliope delights in the beauty of physical forms. She is depicted with a stylus and tablet. 

House of Ourania,
the Muse of the Sciences

Her house’s motto: “Imagination is the first step in creation.”

If Ourania is your Muse, your inspiration is directed toward the power of thought and analysis, including the realms of technology, medicine, psychology, astronomy, and agriculture. Ourania delights in the power of thought to lift people’s souls to great heights. She is often represented holding a globe or a compass. 

Dea Tacita,
the Silent Muse

Her motto: “A voice for those who have none.”

If Dea Tacita is your Muse, you are called to speak for those who cannot speak: the imprisoned, the exiled, the vulnerable, the Dead. Dea Tacita cherishes those who work for truth and justice. She is portrayed in a veil, sometimes with a finger to her lips, sometimes holding a drum. 

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