Top Ten Photojournalists of All Time

Zoriah, who’s on our Advisory Board at Conclave: A Journal of Character came in 6th in DPB’s Top Ten Photojournalists of All Time:

1.  Robert Capa
2.  Henri Carier-Bresson
3.  Robert Frank
4.  Dorathea Lang
5.  James Nachtwey
6.  Zoriah Miller
7.  Don McCullin
8.  Eugene Richards
9.  Luc Delahaye
10.  William Eugene Smith

Congratulations on this wonderful honor.

6. Zoriah Miller


Zoriah Miller is one of the most well known and popular journalists of the 21st Century. He was born in 1976 and has been labeled exclusively as a war photographer. Miller began his career working for Humanitarian Aid and providing disaster management help to developing countries. After years of work he returned to his passion of photography and has chosen to only work on a freelance basis, despite having worked with World Picture News and a number of other prevalent agencies. The photos he has captured from places such as the Gaza Strip, Iraq, and Afghanistan have been published all over the world. It hasn’t all been a bed of roses for Miller though as there was quite a bit of backlash over photos he released of dead US Marines as the issue of Wartime Censorship rang out loudly.

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Zoriah is truly a remarkable visual storyteller. You can read his blog here: